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I am writing a script to display images on my site. The images are stored on the server and the source (path) is on a mySQL database. I want to be able to move to the next (or previous picture) by invoking two php functions I have made to do so. The code I have written so far is:


require "db_connection.php";

$query="SELECT source FROM photos";


$image=mysql_result($result, $count, "source");


function slideshowForward() {
if($num==($numberofpics+1)) {
$image=mysql_result($result, $count, "source");

function slideshowBack() {
if ($num==0) {
$image=mysql_result($result, $count, "source");

The html portion to display the images is:


<a class="back" href="">         <img src="graphics/back.png"/></a>

<a class="next" href="   function=slideshowForward()"><img src="graphics/forward.png"/></a>


<div id="thepics">
<img src="<?php echo $image; ?>" name="mypic" border=0   height="300" width="500"></img>

I'm pretty sure that the php script is incrementing/decrementing the count currently for the image, but I think the problem might be because the html (specifically img src="....") part is not re-evaluated when the count of the image increases?

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Mmm there are two things to point out here:

  1. I think that passing a function name as a parameter on an action is not a good idea, instead you should user something like: "" and then evaluate the op and current value to take some action.
  2. For gettting the next picture from database you could use something like this: "Select source FROM photos LIMIT "current+1" , 1"
  3. For gettting the previous picture from database you could use something like this: "Select source FROM photos LIMIT "current-1" , 1"

This way you dont need to keep counters and stuff, just have to check if those queries return any data.

Hope this helps!

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what does the phrase after the "?" refer to? (op=next&current=10) – Nochbag Dec 27 '11 at 22:12
op=next&current=10 means that in your php you can acccess them as $_GET["op"] and $_GET["current"], so then you can do something like: if(isset($_GET["op"]) && ($_GET["op"] == "next"){ calculateNext(); } – guiman Dec 28 '11 at 17:06

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