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I have an array with photos and I want to display them on UITableView, the cell of the UITableView contain 4 UIImageView, so i want calculate the number of rows that will be contain the UITableView. lets say if have 5 photos I must divide 4 and gives 2 but the problem is when i divide this number it gives a long Double so I can't get the ceil of this number. this my code:

NSLog(@"%Lf", ceill([imageArray count] / 4));

In the console it gives that:

==> nan
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NSLog(@"%Lf",cei, ceill([imageArray count] / 4));

simply prints whatever the value of cei is (assuming cei is a long double; otherwise the result is undefined). You want:

NSLog(@"%Lf", ceill([imageArray count] / 4));

That said, is [imageArray count] really a long double, or is it long (an integer type)? If the latter, don't use ceill; instead use:

NSLog(@"%ld", ([imageArray count] + 3)/4);
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