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how can I serialize this hash to this string in Ruby on Rails?


{"options"=>{"first_name"=>"Jeremy", "favorite_beer"=>"Bells Hopslam"}} =>
"{'options[favorite_beer]': 'Bells Hopslam', 'options[first_name]': 'Jeremy'}"
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Why do you want this? It seems like you're trying to do something fishy without providing all of the details, and usually there's a better way to accomplish whatever you're trying to do –  Lee Jarvis Dec 27 '11 at 16:22
i have to load mercury snippets like this: Mercury.Snippet.load({ snippet_1: {name: 'example', options: {'options[favorite_beer]': "Bells Hopslam", 'options[first_name]': "Jeremy"}} }); and have a serialized object of options available –  Kieran Klaassen Dec 27 '11 at 16:24
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I'm still not completely assured that you're doing the right thing here, but to just answer your question:

def stringify(hash)
  items = hash.map do |key, inner|
    inner.map { |k, v| "'#{key}[#{k}]': '#{v}'" }

  "{#{items.join(', ')}}"

p stringify({"options"=>{"first_name"=>"Jeremy", "favorite_beer"=>"Bells Hopslam"}})
#=> "{'options[first_name]': 'Jeremy', 'options[favorite_beer]': 'Bells Hopslam'}"
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for the time being this is perfect! thanks! –  Kieran Klaassen Dec 27 '11 at 16:44
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You can also serialize it in YAML or JSON.

{"options"=>{"first_name"=>"Jeremy", "favorite_beer"=>"Bells Hopslam"}}.to_yaml =>

"--- \noptions: \n  first_name: Jeremy\n  favorite_beer: Bells Hopslam\n"


{"options"=>{"first_name"=>"Jeremy", "favorite_beer"=>"Bells Hopslam"}}.to_json =>

"{\"options\":{\"first_name\":\"Jeremy\",\"favorite_beer\":\"Bells Hopslam\"}}" 
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Ah, sorry, didn't see it was particularly for Mercury. Yeah, you'll have to use a custom method. –  hurshagrawal Dec 27 '11 at 17:12
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