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I have some checkboxes. When I select one of them I need to add a new element to a list.

I have implemented a change function in jQuery. When I select a checkbox, it adds the element in the list like I want, but when I unselect it, it doesn't remove the element.

The list id is sumary and the checkbox and the element in the list have the same attribute name.

To remove I have tried this but it doesn't work:


If I hardcode a value for $(this).attr('name') it works so the problem is with this:


What is the solution?

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Javascript doesn't parse variables within strings, so you'll want to concatenate the variable into it. Try:

$("#sumary").find("li[name='" + $(this).attr('name') + "']").remove();
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It's simply a matter of fixing your quotes :)

$("#sumary").find("li[name='" + $(this).attr('name') + "']").remove();
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String concatenation to the rescue!

$("#sumary").find("li[name='" + $(this).attr('name') + "']").remove();
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