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So I have something like this down...

int f = 120;
for(int ff=1;ff<=f;ff++){
    while (f%ff != 0){          

Is there anything wrong with my loop to find factors? I'm really confused as to the workings of for and while statements, so chances are they are completely wrong.. After this, How would I go about assigning variables to said factors?


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Yeah, there's something wrong - there's no code inside. How do you plan to find factors? Where do you expect to store them? –  duffymo Dec 27 '11 at 16:51
Just a sidenote: i'd not use "f" and "ff", because it doesn't help readability at all. –  Nanne Dec 27 '11 at 16:51
Use better variable names, you probably don't want a while loop to check if a number divides into f evenly with no remainder (it's a single conditional check, so doesn't that sound like an if?). As for keeping factors, do you know anything about Java Collections? –  birryree Dec 27 '11 at 16:52
If this is homewerk, you might want to add the homework tag –  Nanne Dec 27 '11 at 16:52

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There's nothing wrong with your for loop, but a while loop is the wrong thing to be using here. The logic of your for loop is:

  • Set ff to 1.
  • Keep going while ff <= f.
  • After you've done everything in the for loop, add 1 to ff.

This looks like it is exactly as you want.

The while loop isn't right, though. It will continue to do whatever code you write there for as long as ff is a factor of f, so unless you change them in the while code, you'll get an infinite loop. However, changing that to an if statement will give you what you want.

Since you're checking for factors, you don't actually need to check all possibilities up to f - only up to the square root of f. Whenever you find that ff is a factor, output both ff and f/ff as factors, unless f is a sqare number.

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It looks like you are not going to do something with either f or ff in your while loop? If so, the expression f%ff != 0 is either false (and then it will go to the next in the for loop), or it is true, and it will end up in an infinite loop.

Are you sure you need the while like this?

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You can use this code to find all the factors.

int f = 120;
int i = 1;

   while(i <= f) {

       if(f % i == 0){

           System.out.println(i + " is a factor");



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this is wrong,it will not give the factors ,it will just give the values which can divide the value in f. –  Junaid Shirwani Oct 30 '14 at 21:05

Slightly modified solution: You can first check if variable x is divisible by variable y. If yes, we will count 1 and will repeat this process. For the loop counter, x/y is used and you should check x>0 to avoid repetition when x becomes zero but loop is not finished yet.

   public class Factor {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        int x = 48;
        int x1 = x;
        int y = 2;
        int k = x / y;
        int j = 0;
        for (int i = 1; i < k; i++) {
            if ((x % y) == 0 && x > 0)
            x = x / 2;
        System.out.println(+x1 + " is a factor of " + y + " for " + j
                + " times.");

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This code will give you the factors.

ArrayList<Integer> arr = new ArrayList<>();
        int x=48;
        int y=1;
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