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Can anyone suggest an ASP.NET MVC sample application that uses the ADO.NET Entity Framework against a many relation sql server database?

Most of the sample apps I've seen work against a really simple database with just 2 or 3 tables. I'd like to see the code behind an app that shows more than just the CRUD code to just one table

Thanks for any suggestions!


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You might want to consider an example that has been built using ASP.NET MVC and the Entity Framework using the Northwind database, which is a pretty good representation of a typical business-type database.

Also, if you're not familiar with the web site already, ASP.NET has some great resources for ASP.NET MVC.

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Rob Conery StoreFont is a good point to start looking, but it's done with L2S (not much diference anyway)

Source Code here:

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Except from the northwind example I found this discussion, though not exactly an example but it's about your problem I think:

/Peter F

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