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intro: I'm making a html5 game atm, and right now when the user taps the screen i have it playing a sound.

ProblemA: In chrome, the sound plays , but eventually stops playing all together even if i try to refresh the page ( the debug console doesnt show any errors either ) and i have to restart my browser to get the sound to play it again.

ProblemB: Also, the sound doesnt load on my ipod touch. But the game does when i dont load sounds.

i'm not using any api's or librarys. Any links to articles, or such would be helpful.

Edit: Heres some sample code of what im doing.

function loadSound(name,url){ 
    // Increase how many assets we have

   _rsvEngineReference.assetCollection[name] = new Audio();
   _rsvEngineReference.assetCollection[name].src = url


function playSound(name)
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Including the code in your question would help tremendously. – Tim Cooper Dec 27 '11 at 17:27

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