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I'm looking for a no-brain application that allows me to send a pre-defined list of commands through a bluetooth connection, or an equivalent Java/Scala library that works decently in OSX (64bits).

In short, I want to use my computer to "simulate" a bluetooth accessory, so I must be able to control the pairing, the exchanged code, and so on...


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Simulating jsr-82 can be done with the BlueCove Emulator Module:


http://bluecove.org/ works on OS/X and am sure there wouldn't be any issues with a 64bit OS.

I'd refer you to this Answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/20195/bluetooth-emulator

You may want to reconsider your question...

To emulate a bluetooth device you would need to develop a bluetooth driver getting it's input from a different source, this would be far more complex than buying a real device.

If you are looking to get some NMEA data though, you may be interested in this:

Most bluetooth enabled phones have apps that do that:

Android: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cajax.gps2bt2

Any J2ME: http://www.digitalmobilemap.com/bluetooth-gps-simulator-for-j2me-phone

Haven't found one for iPhone, only reference it can be done: http://spench.net/drupal/software/iphone-gps

Hope that helps!

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Can you be more exact? Simulate a Bluetooth accessory for ..? There are different BT accessories for different smartphones...

Making a BT accessory for iPhone usually requires an authentication chip from Apple...I don't know if a Mac can do it, probably it could - however I'm pretty sure it couldn't describe itself as an accessory.

Accessories usually imply a piece of hardware, in my understanding at least.

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It doesn't need any special capabilities. For a practical example, let's imagine I'm trying to simulate a GPS receiver that sends NMEA messages through a bluetooth connection. –  Hugo S Ferreira Dec 30 '11 at 10:30
Here is what another project has done, in order to connect from mobile phone(with Java, including Android) to a such GPS receiver. You need to get a BT dongle, make it discoverable, emulate the service your phone(your 64 bit PC, in your case) is searching for, and accept connection. I suggest using Python and PyBluez. Hope this helps –  Radu Jan 17 '12 at 10:13
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