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I have successfully posted a message to my own wall (or logged in users), now am trying to post to a specif user wall but no luck so far, I have been authorized to the user publish_stream, offline_access, and I tried for a long time, but keep getting error messages (# 210) User not visible, the following is my code:

FB.getLoginStatus (function (response)
    if (response.status === 'connected') {
        var body = '12345678 ';
        FB.api ('/ SOMEONE_ID / feed', 'post', {body: body, message: body}, function (response) {
            if (! response | | response.error) {
                alert ('Error occured:' + response.error.message);
            } Else {
                alert ('Post ID:' + response.id);

How can I do to post a message to my app users? Does not publish messages to offline users? Any idea?

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The application can publish to a user's feed only if they've accepted your app and you asked for permissions of publish_stream. Or if they're a friend of the the user who's accepted publish_stream. You cannot, for security reasons, publish to just anyone's wall. So instead of /{anyone's id}/feed it should be /me/feed or /{one of my friend's ids}/feed.

"How can I do to post a message to my app users?"

You post it in your application's feed, and if they're an app user, they should see it in their feed.

"Does not publish messages to offline users?"

offline_access will give your app the ability to post to that app user's feed. I currently use this to help user's schedule a time and date to post something. It works wonderfully, even for posting something to a user's page wall (great for marketing purposes).

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