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Hi I installed sqlite pro but Im unable to connect to a local sqlite file db how can I do this??

The fields to fill are:

Host: requeire

Hope you can help me


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The "Sequel" tag is not for the application "Sequel Pro". – the Tin Man Dec 30 '11 at 3:07
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At the end I solve this by using the program sqlite DataBase Browser 2.0, I also tried the firefox plugin but this one is better

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Same problem here, i couldn't make it work.

So I downloaded this firefox plugin: which works fine.

Here's a small guide on how to open a sqlite database from a app in the iPhone simulator

  1. Run your application on simulator (so that the database file will be copied to your application's documents folder (don't bother if you don't know exactly what it means))
  2. Run the SQLite Manager plugin in Firefox (Tools -> SQLite Manager)
  3. Open the database (You can find the file by navigating: /Libraries/ApplicationSupport/iPhone Simulator/User/Applications/(*number)/Documents

*number is some sequence of hexadecimal numbers identifying current application bundle - you must just find the proper folder (it will contain .app)

It is also possible with database on device, but first you must download application's documents folder to some place on your computer. You can download the folder by going in Xcode -> Organizer, then select your Device and Summary Tab, then under the Applications list find your application, click the triangle |> to expand it, then click the arrow on the right to download the application's documents folder.


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