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I'm trying to quickly batch download Youtube videos. I've created a file, videos.txt, with one video link per line:


I have a shell script that will download the videos:

cat videos.txt | while read line; do 
    echo $line
    youtube-dl $line

However, I want to speed the process up by branching each youtube-dl command into its own process/terminal window. How can I create a new terminal window/process for each of the youtube-dl commands?

Note: I've tried to prepend the youtube-dl command with /bin/bash -c but the script is quite glitchy... it doesn't download all the videos.

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Change this line:

youtube-dl $line


youtube-dl $line &

the & starts the job in the background, allowing the parent script to continue.

However, be careful doing this if you've got a long list of urls to grab. Youtube is going to frown on your sucking their site dry, and having too many download processes on your system can grind things to a halt or outright crash it.

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Ah ha! It works! BTW, this is just a test. I don't want to crash Youtube's servers and/or make their sysadmins mad... I have only six videos in my list. :D –  schlomo Dec 27 '11 at 19:55
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Youtube has a section of their terms of service (Youtube TOS, see 5-B) specifically prohibiting this.

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-1 informative but redundant –  Sorin Dec 27 '11 at 21:03
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