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I have this drop down list. is it possible to call a javascript function and the server side function at the same time from the onselectedindexchanged event?

<asp:DropDownList ID="drpPartGroup" 


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Yes, but you must handle the postback manually...

See this article which covers this extremely well. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa479302.aspx

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I think this might help. I had something similar with a search form that had a couple of related DropDownLists in an UpdatePanel. A reset button was wired to a JavaScript function which cleared all text fields, etc on the client side. I also needed to reset the related DropDownLists so that a default value was selected for the first DropDownList and the related items were updated in the second DropDownList based on the default value.

Basically, my client-side JavaScript function reset all the fields, including the first DropDownList and then called the .onchange() event on the first DropDownList.


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You need to develop an API on the server-side and use AJAX to communicate back with it (look into guidelines for RESTful APIs) at the same time you are firing the client-side function. JavaScript can't straight up ask the server to execute a function.

Drop down lists are a bit too dynamic for a solution like this though, I can't think of a way to do anything involving server-side communication with a select box that won't lead to terrible UX. You might want to rethink whatever you are doing entirely.

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