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I have an array of 3 selected 'units' of different types (condos, hotels, houses). In my view I am trying to display the different types of units differently according to their type. Here is my code:

foreach($featured as $fc) {
        if($fc['Unit']['type'] = 'condo'): ?>
            ...display code here
        <?php  elseif($fc['Unit']['type'] = 'house'):  ?>
            ...display code here
        <?php  else:  
            ...display code here
     } ?>

It is ignoring whether it is a condo or house. It displays all of my units as if they were condos. Have I got my syntax wrong in my if statement? I am used to using curly braces for everything but php.net showed elseif as using colons. Sorry, I'm fairly new to php in general!

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start by changing = to == –  tomfumb Dec 27 '11 at 21:07
Derp derp derp, that did it! Thanks! Please post as the answer so I can give you credit! –  huzzah Dec 27 '11 at 21:10

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With pleasure. You just need to change the = to ==

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