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I am new here and I suspect I am missing something obvious but web searches and reading the apple docs are not helping. I'm stuck so here goes.

I have an iphone 4 running IOS 4.2.10 with a Samsung HM1100 bluetooth headset connected. I am sure it is connected because the iphone general setting say so and the iphone responds when I push the call button on the HM1100. I can't upgrade to IOS 5 and CBCentralManager yet. The HM1100 is supposed to be iphone4 compatible (bluetooth version 2.1+EDR).

My iphone app is importing ExternalAccessory/ExternalAccessory.h

and the code has the following lines

NSArray *accessories = [[EAAccessoryManager sharedAccessoryManager]connectedAccessories];

NSLog( @"acessories %@", accessories);

The code compiles and runs successfully on the iphone attached to the Xcode 4 debugger on a macbook pro and prints out an empty array as follows.

2011-12-27 15:03:25.106 View Switcher[102:307] acessories (

I expected it to return at least one EAAccessory object in the array. I must be doing something wrong.

thanks, ab

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EAAccessory is only for the Made-For-iPod licensed accessories. If it isn't licensed and everything it won't show up in the list. You can't just connect an arbitrary Bluetooth headset or other device.

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Yes, a standard Bluetooth headset is not an MFi-compliant accessory, so it won't show up in the list of connected accessories for the External Accessory framework. – Brad Larson Dec 27 '11 at 21:46
Thanks. I did read something about MFi compliance but I didn't realize it meant this. Obviously ios knows how to connect to this headset, but is just designed not to pass that info on to my app. – user1118271 Dec 28 '11 at 3:23
So I got a "Made for iPhone" Zomm Wireless Leash Plus and got it connected and working with the iPhone. The code shown EAAccessoryManager code shown in my question still doesn't see it. – user1118271 Dec 30 '11 at 1:42

As Brad Larson pointed out maybe your accessory uses standard bluetooth profiles (like handsfree profile) so it doesn't shows in the list.

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