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I've given up hours of my day trying to accomplish this simple thing in Rails 3.1 with no luck. I've got some models nested 2 levels deep and associated many-to-one with belongs_to/foreign key, like:


I am eagerly loading the whole hierarchy in my queries like so:

@model = TopLevelModel.find(1, :include => {:middle_level_children => :bottom_level_children})

The JSON serializer works fine for serializing the nested hierarchy (using the :include option), but this isn't enough for my purposes and I need a (ruby) hash representation of the record's attributes. @model.attributes() would be perfect but it neglects my relations. Is there a way to get a nested hash representation using this method (I read the documentation thoroughly and suspect not, but maybe there's some exotic option I don't know about). To be clear, the representation I am looking for would be:

   :attribute_1 => 'some attribute', #an attribute of top level model
   :middle_level_children: => [{ # type 'MiddleLevelModel'
     :attr_1 => 'some attribute of middle level model',
     # ...
     :bottom_level_children => [{ #type 'BottomLevelModel'
        :attr => 'some attribute of bottom level model'

This seems like an incredibly simple (and, I would think, common) need, but I've had no luck.

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Why can't you iterate through all your child relationships and print all the attributes for each instance of them?

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That's going to be my temporary solution, but I thought there was perhaps some more correct, automatic/reflective faculty for this. –  Nick Z Dec 27 '11 at 21:56

Might be a little hokey but give Hash.from_xml a whirl.

Use the object's to_xml method to serialize with associations and then deserialize with the Hash.from_xml class method.

xml = @model_instance.to_xml(:include=>:middle_level_children)
nested_hash = Hash.from_xml(xml)
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