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I have this query:

$queryf = "SELECT * FROM classifieds 
WHERE city IN ('$cities') AND state IN ('$states') 
ORDER BY FIELD (city, '$cities'), datetime DESC";

$cities is an array of nearby cities within 5 miles. Same with states.

Basically, I want to search my user information table that has user-inputted information (like a craigslist/classifieds type table), and COUNT the number of rows PER CITY. So that it's possible to echo something like:

10 results found within 5 miles:
Dublin, CA (8 records)
Hayward, CA (2 records)

Does anyone know how I'd be able to track/return the amount of rows where the city is identical?

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String concatenating an array doesn't work like that. – PreferenceBean Dec 27 '11 at 21:43
Hi. Your negative remark did not help me. These statements seem to be more advanced than what a basic user would know, from my intermediate perspective. Either you're misunderstanding the question or you're having a bad day. Thank you though. – Norse Dec 28 '11 at 4:21
Neither! In fact I understand you perfectly, and I had a great day thanks. I'm sorry if you didn't understand my comment, but I'm here to tell the facts not to help you. My point is that is definitely not your real query (if $cities is really "an array", then you're searching for a city called "Array", because that's how arrays get converted to strings in PHP); and if it's not your real query, then you're wasting our time. – PreferenceBean Dec 28 '11 at 14:03
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A GROUP BY, together with COUNT() should give you what you need:

$queryf = "SELECT *, count( AS num_cities FROM classifieds 
WHERE city IN ('$cities') AND state IN ('$states') 
ORDER BY FIELD (city, '$cities'), datetime DESC";
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With a bit of tweaking, this worked. Thanks! – Norse Dec 28 '11 at 4:38


MySQL has a whole bunch of functions and keywords for this sort of aggregation.

Read the documentation for your SELECT statement, especially when it talks about the GROUP BY clause.

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Try using GROUP BY:

SELECT city, COUNT(1) AS count FROM classifieds 
WHERE city IN ('$cities') AND state IN ('$states') 
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