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I have a web application - deployed on Tomcat.

It has two modules Module A and Module B

Both have java code as well as UI component (struts\JSP etc.)

Functionally, Module A is independent an doesn't depend upon Module B For ModuleA: We create a war for Module A and deploy it as ModuleA.war

Now Module B depends upon Module A We so "merge" the two modules into ModuleB.war This involves merging the web content directories into one

We were feeling uncomfortable with this whole process of merging and wondering if there is a smart way to do this ? We are also considering putting all the web content in one of teh modules - say Module A and just keep the java code in ModuleB

Any suggestions ?

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This is one of the java problems. Say you app A is the public website, say your app B is your admin, but uses same database, same bizlogic classes,etc. I found this problem all time. My approach might help you.

module A will have classes related only to project A module B will have classes related only to project B mod A and B will share a .jar file who contains all related classes, you can deploy it in TOMCAT/lib or if you want maintain it individually, deploy it in each app MYAPP/WEB-INF/lib

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