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As I read here:


And as I saw in some other question like this one, I'm registering a StringTrimmerEditor in my controller like this:

public class MyController{

     public void initBinder(WebDataBinder binder) 
       binder.registerCustomEditor(StringTrimmerEditor.class,new  StringTrimmerEditor(false));

It compiles and runs, but does not work, it doesn't trim the data. I don't know what am I missing. Anyone?


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javadoc to the rescue:

public void registerCustomEditor(Class requiredType, PropertyEditor propertyEditor)

Description copied from interface: PropertyEditorRegistry
Register the given custom property editor for all properties of the given type.

Specified by:
    registerCustomEditor in interface PropertyEditorRegistry

    requiredType - the type of the property
    propertyEditor - the editor to register

The class should not be the class of the editor.It should be the type of the fields on which you want the editor to apply: String.class

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I have to admit I was lazy yesterday at that late time at night, so instead of researching I rather asked here, expecting to have an answer today in the morning. –  de3 Dec 28 '11 at 14:57
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