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I am trying to write a shell script that will install all of our development tools & dependencies onto a clean OSX machine.

Does anybody know the best approach to automate the installation of XCode?

I am doing this to:

  1. Document the development environment.
  2. Speed up the on-boarding process for new developers.
  3. Follow the automate-everything principle.
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This is probably a better question for serverfault.com. –  Matt Ball Dec 27 '11 at 22:24
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Starting with Xcode 4.3, it's delivered as an app bundle. The first time you launch the app, it will continue the installation. Since it's a beta, it's still not fixed, but currently the post-launch installation packages are in the app bundle inside a directory called Contents/Resources/Packages.

So, depending on your environment, your install script can just copy the Xcode.app bundle into the Applications directory and your users can complete the installation the first time they launch it. Or, you can copy the bundle and then manually install the additional packages using the installer(8) utility. For more information on using installer, see the man pages.

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Fully Automated XCode Installation

If you need to automate this, you can use this applescript I created.

To use:

git clone https://gist.github.com/6237049.git
cd 6237049/
# Edit the script with AppleScript Editor to replace your APPLE ID and PASSWORD
osascript Install_XCode.applescript

You might also be interested in my answer here: How download and Install Command Line Tools for Xcode

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