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My question look stupid... but let's ask:

I'm developing a Silverlight website... Data are on the server and I use WCF RIA and Linq to Entities to attack my data.

In My domain service of cource enable Modification on my several tables

I drop on my Silverlight app a Datagrid that fetch data on my table (let's call it tblCustomer for the example)

I've several webcast showing how easy it is to fetch data, update data BUT

I don't know how to INSERT data!!!

My grid is in edit mode.. but I'm not able to add a new row... and if I use the detail view.. it's the same...

Any one could provide help


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Just to clarify, is it that you cannot type a new row into a DataGrid? Or that you cannot insert new records using the Domain Service? Or both? –  Gayot Fow Dec 28 '11 at 2:24
I would say both... I have some windows (pages) where I would like user to direclty type in the datagrid. I also have some Master/Details pages... And I'd like user to enter info into the details forms... because I also have several table to fill for on grid (I filled up my grid via a sql view) –  Refre Dec 28 '11 at 18:06

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For adding new item you should do it manually: add button within which create and add new Item to collection that you're representing in DataGrid and you'll get new item in grid.

Note: If you're attempting to use MVVM - do same within ViewModel instead code-behind.

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Thanks for the answer... But acutally my problem comes from the fact I use the "Silverlight Business application". So I use all the templates. I don't know how to add this simple "new item" to my table or more precisely my itemsource... I check on the web and nothing... –  Refre Dec 31 '11 at 16:45
@Refre Are you using MVVM? –  Anatolii Gabuza Jan 5 '12 at 0:13

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