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I would like to allow a user to automatically login if they use their encrypted password in the url. I have the following url that I would like matched with rails routes:


where the latter part of the url can have any characters, like * (ie. it can have '/' '$' '*' etc)

My routes works but then it bombs out on '/' in the parameter (as seen above):

match '/attendants/update_player_status/game/:game_id/:status/user_hash/:user_hash' => 'attendants#update_player_status_using_hash', :as => 'update_player_status_using_hash'

Any recommendations on what I should do? Once i pull the parameter correctly I will use it to login the user into the website, and allow very limited access.

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One option is route globbing (from the docs):

match 'photos/*other' => 'photos#unknown'

# In controller, params[:other] is everything after 'photos'

You could also use a regex in the match's constraints to allow a slash, as per this answer.

IMO the globbing is a bit more elegant; it may depend on the rest of your routes which is the best solution.

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