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I'm writing a plugin for a program written in C++.

Plugins are placed in a specific dir and get called by the main application. I would like to write most of the plugin in Clojure (gui, calculations, etc) however the actual "plugin" needs to be written in C++. Various data needs to be passed from C++ to Clojure.

How can I do this?

JNI/JNA, sockets, system calls? (nothing I know much about)

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Never used Clojure as I'm not a fan of lisp or macros. Brief scan of wikipedia it looks like it runs in a Java VM but also supports CLR and can compile down to JavaScript. Either way it's not native so to call it from C++ you'll need some kind of wrapper DLL, webservice, or both. – AJG85 Dec 28 '11 at 0:06
There are two parts to this question: 1) how do you call Java from C++, and 2) how do you call Clojure from Java. The latter is not that hard, is a starting point. The first question depends on your requirements and your environment. For a project I worked on long, long ago, we used sockets: – Gert Dec 28 '11 at 0:15

JNI should be pretty straightforward for this.

I would approach it this way:

  1. develop your clojure code with a well defined external interface, ie, whatever set of methods/functions you need to invoke.
  2. package it as a standalone uber-jar (containing the clojure libs as well)
  3. write your c++ wrapper, which must do the following:

You can test your uber-jar from step 2 via a simple standalone java test harness that creates the main clojure class and invokes the appropriate methods; this will let you know that you have a good java/clojure jar in case you run into any issues in the jni invocation in step 3.

As you check the jni references pay particular attention to the slight/subtle calling differences between the c and c++ jni linkages.

Good luck.

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