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I have an input box where the user can enter a string date, for example today or tomorrow. But now the next problem has arrived: 3 march or 8 january.

The input box has a dropdown menu, when the user types: "tod" => today, "jan" => "january" etc, when the user selects the dropdown item it will insert the text for them, however now the following question:

3 januari, or 03 januari, or 3 januari, as you can see it requires some regex, to check whether the first part was numeric? and then a space comes (for x amount of times since we cannot rely on users :P) and then the name of the month?

How can I do this?

Thanks for help already.

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can you give an example of what you have already? perhaps using jsfiddle.net –  MikeM Dec 28 '11 at 1:17

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"13 august".match( /\s*(\d+)\s+(january|february|march|april|may|june|july|august|september|october|november|december)/ );

After this you can do

var day = parseInt( RegExp.$1, 10 );
var month = [
        'december'].indexOf( RegExp.$2.toLowerCase() ) + 1;
alert( month + "/" + day );

Look at this jsfiddle.

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Just the regex would be something like this

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