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I have a UITextView that must keep a width of say: 100px but the height can grow; but the height should only be enough to fit the contents. Right below the UITextView I want to display an image.

Is there a control the auto adjust or do I have to code all this myself?

for example:

case 1: the height of UITextView is 200px then I want my UIImageView to go at 201px (y)
case 2: the height of UITextView is 300px then I want my UIImageView to go at 301px (y)

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you can use autoresizingMask to make it change automatically,but it may not be exactly 201px otherwise you can overwrite setFrame to change UIImageView size – IPaPa Dec 28 '11 at 2:25

In order to do this, you'll first need to use the sizeWithFont:minFontSize:actualFontSize:forWidth:lineBreakMode: (or any of the sizeWithFont... selectors) selector on NSString to measure your string (I'm assuming you're not using an attributed string) and then set the UITextView's frame to match the size.

After you have that frame, you can place your UIImageView directly below it.

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