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Is it the correct to connect the UINavigationController outlets to the AppDelegate? I have declared the NavigationController in the app delegate so I am pretty sure this is the correct corse of action but I'm just wanting confirmation or advice on why it shouldn't be.

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No. I think, you are trying to connect delegate to Navigation Controller. You should not add delegate for navigationController.

If you are using iOS 5 then, you can just drag and drop the navigationController in storyboard.

In iOS 4, you have to give outlet and synthesize it and then add navigationController into subview for window. thats it.

You don't need to add delegate for navigationController anytime.

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just do all this things in AppDelegate.h and AppDelegate.m.... –  Dinesh Raja Dec 28 '11 at 3:32

No..It's not correct. You dont required to connect the delegate to the navigation controller. Instead You should give outlet , synthesize it and add navigation controller into your subview.

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