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I would like to see how to detect when touch event has entered the zone of an entity? say within 20 pixels of its image border.

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One solution is to include a transparent border around the image. The touch still triggers when it's on the transparent areas. So, for example:

enter image description here

A touch on the transparent area around the ball will fire the touch event listener. For a circle, you can even check the distance from the touch to the center of the circle, and ignore any that are "too far" from the center, giving a circular response zone. If your image isn't circular, you may need more complex validation logic, but at least you'll get the touch event.

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Use math,

distance = math.sqrt((object2.x-object1.x)^2+(object2.y-object1.y)^2)

This will give you the distance between the two points, then you can check if thats in your area.

Not as simple as answer one, but useful.

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