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What is the best way to develop a web-application for mobile devices?

1- Do you create different pages and redirect users based on the operating system?

2- Do you modify the same web-page to re-size itself and fit well on mobile devices?

3- I've seen that some web-applications look very similar to native applications, what does it take to achieve this? (Date pickers, table views, spinners, etc)

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for third question: Checkout jQuery mobile framework – 0x8badf00d Dec 28 '11 at 4:16
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We have done it as option1 with jQuery framework. Just created views but used most of the existing business logic. It is working as expected.

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I think this could help: Best Practices for Web Apps . This is aimed at Android but I think more of it is generalized. I haven't seen ios at all, but the guidance provided there might be of some help.

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