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Based on this

a{n}  Matches 'a' repeated exactly n times.

a{n,}  Matches 'a' repeated n or more times.

a{n, m}  Matches 'a' repeated between n and m times inclusive.

Question> How to match 'a' repeated exactly n or m times? Thank you

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very simple : a{n}|a{m} :)

ok ?

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Indeed this seems to be the only way (after limited research) I wish there was a more concise way. Imagine that instead of 'a' you have a complicated character set, its tedious to repeat so many times... –  TJB May 10 '12 at 21:16
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I wonder if this would do the trick:


However, I'm not sure what you are expecting to get if you match a{m}: do you also want a{n} to match? And what about if a{n} fits twice in a{m}?

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I tried to comment on the above answers (since this falls along the lines of the question posed by Mosty Mostacho, but couldn't so I'll just add another answer.

I was trying to accomplish the same thing as OP and the answers were very helpful:


So just in case this will help anyone else out: I was trying match a year string that's either 2 or 4 digits. This didn't work since (I'm guessing) regexp matches the \d{2} and moved on:


But this worked:


Maybe this is obvious to other. But just my $0.02.

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