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I have to send an email having all content in html that can be displayed in email as a HTML. I am able to send the email with JavaMailSenderImpl of Spring Framework with SimpleMailMessage but the email I send is displayed in plain html text like following


and not in form of HTML page.

Please tell the way how can i send it as HTML and how it can be displayed in form of HTML.

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If you are using java mail directly, you need to set the content type to html using the setContent() method. MimeMessage.setContent("<html> <body><h1>Hello </h1> </body></html>", "text/html");

Or if you are using Spring framework's MimeMessageHelper you can use MimeMessageHelper.setText(emailContent,true) method. The boolean true flag indicates html content. For instance:

    mimeMessageHelper.setText("<html> <body><h1>Hello </h1> </body></html>",true);
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: Thanks for your help. Now i able to send email as an html with the the help of mime message of spring..Cheers :) – Arun Kumar Jan 6 '12 at 14:05

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