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In ReSharper 6.1, when I want to autocomplete something like EnableCap.LineSmooth, I get something like this:

The problem is, because it displays the full name of enum + enum options, I can't just type "En" + [Tab] to autocomplete "EnableCap." and then start typing "Li", because as soon as I hit tab the first time, it tries to auto-complete the whole thing, with an option I don't want. So now I have to type the entire "EnableCap." before I can start filtering down the options I actually want.

So my question is, how do I either
a) Tell resharper to only display autocompletes up to the dot
b) Is there a different hotkey other than tab to only complete the first bit?

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You're complaining that they made it more efficient?

You don't need to type En [Tab] Li [Tab] anymore. You can just type Li [Tab].

Granted, you have to unlearn your old habits. But the new way is faster.

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Time out a second. I didn't know I could start with "Li". If I knew that then maybe I wouldn't be complaining! –  Mark Dec 28 '11 at 18:09
@Mark, sure, you can type something from the middle of the identifier. Part of the improved CamelHumps searching, which I think they added in v5 and refined further in v6. I think you have to start on something that's a capital letter in the actual identifier, but yeah, you could just as well type smooth or li or ls. –  Joe White Dec 28 '11 at 23:35

CTRL + SPACE shows the enum
CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE shows the members

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