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I use IP, USERID, DATETIME to create security code in my web App. I want to know more information about how to create security code, e.g:

string str=",myid,20121227,12345";

Then I encrypt a string:

string strC=encrypt(str);

Then string strC is my security code.

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Generally you use the good solution.sometime we need to know about content of our key, so as you did use a encryption method (because there is a decryption method for each encryption method) sometime we just need a key to assign it to our users , so in these cases we can use one-way algorithms like hash.Finally i say you use a good way but i have another offer for your solution(maybe you have keep this offer in your mind).

change you encrypt /decrypt method like this :

private string Encrypt (string str)

//Encryption str

return HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(EncryptedStr);


private string Decrypt (string str)

str = HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(str);

//Decryption str

return DecryptedStr;


this will improve your solution and by these method you can use your key in query string variables

Regard , Ali

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3KS! I want to know about your solution in you app. – solan Dec 28 '11 at 6:21
sorry during the answer my reply posted accidentally.I complete it and pot it again – Ali Foroughi Dec 28 '11 at 6:23

If, by "security code", you really mean "certified identifier", then you don't even need to encrypt anything; what you really want is a Message Authentication Code. This is an integrity-preserving mechanism which tells you that "the identifier which the user is presenting is an identifier that I created".

If, by "security code", you really mean "session key", then again there is no need to encrypt: take some information about the session and combine it with plenty of random data (from e.g. using a cryptographic hash function. This will create an encryption key which is both unique and unguessable. Better still would be a proper key exchange algorithm like Diffie-Hellman, unless you need to worry about middleperson attacks, in which case you need some form of authenticated key exchange.

So... what do you mean by "security code"?

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