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I'm using Hi-Tech C compiler and wish to use Scons to build my projects. The compiler executable is picc.exe. It has similar semantics as GCC, but not all.

I've set the default too as GCC and try to modify from there. The output from executing env.Program('main.c'):

picc -o main.o -c 

However, in Hi-Tech C, the -o flag means output file, e.g. -Oc:\project\output\first

How do I append to -o, so that it will output to become:

picc -omain.o -c 
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I'm a bit confused by what you have above. Is the issue that picc needs there to be no whitespace between the "-o" and the desired output filename? – acm Dec 28 '11 at 19:47
Oh, and you should probably mention what version of SCons, and what platform (looks like windows from what you have above). – acm Dec 28 '11 at 19:48
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So poking around in the "Tools" directory of the SCons install finds these definitions:

cc.py:    env['CCCOM']     = '$CC -o $TARGET -c $CFLAGS $CCFLAGS $_CCCOMCOM $SOURCES'
c++.py:    env['CXXCOM']     = '$CXX -o $TARGET -c $CXXFLAGS $CCFLAGS $_CCCOMCOM $SOURCES'

So perhaps all you need to do is override these elements in your env with versions that adjoin the -o and the $TARGET. I think you might need to place braces around the variables, so something like:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Alternatively I should just make a custom builder instead of overriding the default. – freonix Dec 29 '11 at 2:09

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