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I am new to QTP and am trying to use version 11 to automate my project.

Using descriptive programming, how QTP can find a link in a web page. The HTML for the link is written in the Onclick function (like onclick="navigationClick('Link Name');)

I tried this:

If Browser(Browsername).Page(Pagename).Link("html tag:='Value',"id:=X","title:=Y","class:=Z").Exist(50)Then
   Browser(Browsername).Page(Pagename).Link("html tag:='Value',"id:=X","title:=Y","class:=Z").click


 MsgBox "Link cannot be found"

But when i run the script, it always shows Link Cannot be found.


Using the same descriptive programming, i can able to find the link in the web page, if the HTML for the link is wrriten as OnClick='javascript.navigationClick(Link);"href='javascript:void(0);

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Please do not yell – Matt Ball Dec 28 '11 at 6:21

On second reading of your question I think the problem is that the link you're trying to identify doesn't have an href. QTP does not consider links with no href to be real links. Perhaps if you try to use a WebElement rather than a Link the identification will succeed.

Also note that QTP uses the html id property instead of the DOM's id.

Browser(B).Page(P).WebElement("html tag:=A", "html id:=X").Click

(my original answer follows)

You can access the onclick attribute by using the attribute/ syntax for accessing native DOM attributes.

Browser(B).Page(P).Link("attribute/onclick:=navigationClick\('Link Name'\);")

Note that descriptive programming uses regular expressions so you have to escape special characters (like the parentheses in this example).

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Hi Motti, I had tried using attribute which mentioned.But seems it's not working (I am not sure whether i tried it in the wrong way)... Here is the actual HTML for the link <a title="Purchase History" class="TertiaryNav" id="Purchases" style="cursor: pointer; text-decoration: none;" onclick="navigationClick('MYPURCHASES');"> I had tried like this – Karthickeyan Jan 2 '12 at 14:15
If Browser("Browsername").Page("Pagename").Link("html tag:=A","id:=Purchases","title:=Purchase History","class:=TertiaryNav","attribute/onclick:=navigationClick('MYPURCHASES'‌​);").Exist(50) Then Browser("Browsername").Page("PageName").Link("html tag:=A","id:=Purchases","title:=Purchase History","class:=TertiaryNav","attribute/onclick:=navigationClick('MYPURCHASES'‌​);").Click but there is no luck – Karthickeyan Jan 2 '12 at 14:24
@Karthickeyan as I said QTP doesn't consider links with no href to be real links, try using WebElement instead of Link – Motti Jan 2 '12 at 19:06

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