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I will be little verbose to clearly specify the problem, so please be patient :)

Assume I have the following base URL:
which lists a number of products with a concise description. Each listed product has a URL directing to a details product information page like:

Now my requirements is to (for example) fetch name, price and product information for each of these products. How can I achieve this using Nutch? Is Nutch required/good option for this or just a plain simple wget + own HTML parser is a better way to go?

Note: I have to do this for multiple pages with very different layout and only input will be the URL and what html tags to fetch from the URL

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Working on the same problem. However, it seems like there are some tiring steps to achieve the goal:

1-crawl 2-index 3-get the raw html by -readseg 4-parse the file for information you want

So, Nutch doesn't seem to be the good way to do this. Have you managed to find out an answer?

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