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in my app i made a TTLauncherView which has 9 icons. Now client want that these all 9 icon will not swipe and will look fixed at swiping because they are not going to vary. I can do this simply replacing TTLaunchView with 9 static buttons but i dont want to spoil the current code.

Any solution?

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done :-)

Go to your class where you made object of TTLauncherView. Now right click on TTLauncherView and select Jump To definition (or just hold the command key and click on TTLauncherView for iOS 5). This will bring you to TTLauncherView.m file (class). Now find _scrollView.alwaysBounceHosrizontal = YES; Make this YES to NO, Thats it :-)

donno how i forgot that TTLauncherView is a subclass of UIScrollView. ;-)

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