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Is it possible to run the compiled program file on windows?

I have compiled the php script in Linux - ubuntu using HIPHOP-PHP. Now i want to run that file on windows.

like we use command "compile/program -m daemon -p 8080" in ubuntu. is it possible to run that on windows?

i have search all over the internet but they are saying about entire process from installing hiphop to make it run which is not possible on windows.

But i only want to know about is it possible to run that compiled code in windows?

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possible duplicate of Run HipHop PHP in Windows – Jan Hančič Dec 28 '11 at 7:58

Not a chance in heck. It's a Linux executable; it won't run on Windows.

You might be able to compile a binary on Windows using HipHop. It would likely be somewhere between a lot and A LOT of work to port it, though.

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Thnx. Is it possible to install an Ubuntu emulator on windows and then try HIPHOP-PHP on that emulator. If yes, can you please suggest me emulator names for that? – Raahi Dec 29 '11 at 5:34

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