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I have the following code:

        var index=0;
        @foreach (AdminSummary adminSummary in @Model.AdminSummaries) {
        <div class="rep_tr0">
            <div class="rep_td0">@adminSummary.RowKey</div>
            <div class="rep_td0"><a href="/Administration/Products/Edit?&ac=@Model.Meta.AccountID&pr=@Model.Meta.ProductID&pa=@Model.Meta.PackageID&co=@adminSummary.RowKey">Edit</a></div>            
            <div class="rep_td0"><a href="/Administration/Products/Delete?&ac=@Model.Meta.AccountID&pr=@Model.Meta.ProductID&pa=@Model.Meta.PackageID&co=@adminSummary.RowKey">Delete</a></div>            
            <div class="rep_td0">@Html.TextBox("position_" index, @adminSummary.Position, new { size = 5 })</div>
            <div class="rep_td0">@adminSummary.Title</div>
            <div class="rep_td0">@adminSummary.DetailCount</div>
            <div class="rep_td0">@adminSummary.Modified</div> 
            <div class="rep_td0">@adminSummary.ModifiedBy</div> 


I am trying to find a good way to add an index value to the position name.

But this keeps giving me the error: CS1026: ) expected for the line with position_ on

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?


I tried the following:

<div class="rep_td0">@Html.TextBox("position_"@(index), @adminSummary.Position, new { size = 5 })</div>

This gave the error: CS1646: Keyword, identifier, or string expected after verbatim specifier: @

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Can you give us a little more of the error dialog? –  Travis J Dec 28 '11 at 7:03

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<div class="rep_td0">@Html.TextBox(string.Format("position_{0}", index), @adminSummary.Position, new { size = 5 })</div>
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<div class="rep_td0">@Html.TextBox("position_"+ index.ToString(), @adminSummary.Position, new { size = 5 })</div> 

just replace this line with above.

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Try wrapping your inserted razor in ()

<a href="http://mystuff/@(Model.Object.Stuff)/Screen">Example</a>

Also, sometimes if you are in a razor block, the compiler requires you to wrap html if it is the only thing on the line,like div tags, in

<text><div class="rep_tr0"></text>

EDIT: Sorry, misread the question a little, after index++

string textBoxId = "position_" + index;


<div class="rep_td0">@Html.TextBox(@textBoxId, @adminSummary.Position, new { size = 5 })</div>
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Nice, but instead @foreach(), try use @for(), then your loop has its own index.

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