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so i have these following A = <<1:1>> and B = <<1>>. Any built in function(or couple of lines of code) to join these two binaries, which total size should be 16 bits ?

Have already tried following:

C = <<B/binary,A:8/bitstring>>.
C = <<B/binary,A:8/binary>>.
C = <<B/binary,A:8>>.
C = <<B/binary,A/bitstring>>.

This works but the size will be 9 bits long.

P.S I dont want 8 lines of erlang code as a solution.

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You probably need to add some padding:

<< B/binary, 0:7, A/bitstring >>.
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Exactly what i need!!! And i need to think simple. –  Gokul Dec 28 '11 at 8:22

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