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I have an array down below

unsigned char pat6[8] = {0x3C,0xFF,0xC3,0xC3,0xC3,0xC3,0xFF,0x3C,};

How can I fill the array from the content of memory that I read from here ?

unsigned char read_byte()           //reading from EEPROM serially
    unsigned int i;
    return reead;               //Returns 8 bit data here


void display_clear(unsigned char pattern[])//, int num)

    unsigned int cnt, col, row; //, num ;

     row = 1;
          //for (cnt = num*8 ; cnt < (num*8+8) ; cnt ++ )   //display pattern each character
          for (cnt = 0 ; cnt < 8 ; cnt ++ ) //display pattern each character
              P3 = ~pattern[cnt];
              P1 = ~row;

              delay_ms(100) ; // delay of 1 ms
              row = row<<1;


       row = 0x00;


Friends, the function above, I used for displaying the array..... And I want to fill the data in array from serial memory

I tried to do like this :

//begin of read 2048 byte from serial memory AT24C16

     for (i=0;i<2048;i++)

   //end of read 2048 byte from serial memory AT24C16

and got error :

24C16_RW.C(229): error C216: subscript on non-array or too many dimensions

Are there any other ways ?


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What is scl? where is it declared? –  Sangeeth Saravanaraj Dec 28 '11 at 8:15

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I dont know if I understood your question correctly, but I think that with a for statement will work.

for (i=0, i<8,i++)

what i dont get is how the read function will know how to read sequentially. i think that with that implementation the whole array will be filled with the same byte.

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ya, how can I read_byte and put in array sequentially ? –  Rick Ant Dec 28 '11 at 9:32

Please follow the below pseudo-code.

function write_into_array()
    for i=0 to 8 {
        array[i] = value-to-be-stored;

But in your code, where is scl variable declared? or is it a global variable just like the pat6[] array?

OTOH, you should get rid of the extra , at the end.

unsigned char pat6[8] = {0x3C,0xFF,0xC3,0xC3,0xC3,0xC3,0xFF,0x3C,};
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