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I have a code php

foreach ($cities as $city) {
     echo substr($city->name . ", ", 0, -2);

result is: a, b, c, d, e,

How to remove "," in foreach()

Exactly: a, b, c, d, e

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take values in string and at last remove last , from the string. other logic is also there but it will be a overhead for such small task – Hemant Metalia Dec 28 '11 at 8:29

You could achieve the same with less code, by using the implode function.

$comma_separated = implode(',', $cities);

Should give you exactly what you want.

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$str = '';
foreach ($cities as $city){
    $str .= "$city, ";
$str = rtrim($str, " ,");
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In this context you can not remove the last comma without additional tags.

You have two other options:

1. Use the standard for loop:

for ($i=0; $i < count($cities)-1; $i++) {
    echo $cities[$i]->name . ", ";
echo $cities(count($cities)-1)->name;

2. Create a result string in the foreach, remove the last character and than print it.

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Just do :-

echo implode(',', $cites);

That will give you your desired output.
I just noticed from your code that $cities is an object not an array, sorry:-

foreach($cities as $city){
    $cityNames[] = $city->name;
echo implode(',', $cityNames);


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$first = true;
foreach ($cities as $city) {
    if( !$first ){
        echo ', ';
        $first = false;
    echo $city->name;
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Change it a bit to something like:

$first = TRUE;

foreach ( $cities as $city )
    if ( !$first )
        echo( "," );

    $first = FALSE;
    echo( $city->name );
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Use rtrim after the foreach():

$city->name = rtrim($city->name,',');
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Method 1 :

$index = 0;
    foreach ($cities as $city) {
    echo $city->name . ($index == count($cities)?"":",");


Method 2:

$str = "";
    foreach ($cities as $city) {
    $str .=  $city->name . ",";    
$str = substr_replace($str ,"",-1);
echo $str;
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I think we can't use implode here if the array has other values as well. What if $city->postalCode also exists in the array. – Prasad Rajapaksha Dec 28 '11 at 8:40

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