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How to dynamically remove items from custom category in Jumplist (without deleting the jumplist itself).

Here is how i am creating jumplist and customcategory:

// Creating jumplist
list = JumpList.CreateJumpListForIndividualWindow(TaskbarManager.Instance.ApplicationId, windowHandle);

// Creating custom category
userActionsCategory = new JumpListCustomCategory("MyOwnCategory");

// Adding items to custom category
JumpListLink jlapp = new JumpListLink(app_name_path, app_final_name);
jlapp.IconReference = new IconReference(app_name_icon_path, 0);

// Adding category to Jumplist

Now, I wish to dynamically add and delete items from this custom category. API code pack seems to provide a mechanism of only adding items to category. How can i remove an item from custom category?

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var list = JumpList.GetJumpList(Application.Current); var newItems = from jumpItem in list.JumpItems where jumpItem.CustomCategory != "MyOwnCategory" select jumpItem; list.Clear(); list.AddRange(newItems); list.Apply(); – jberger Apr 30 '12 at 18:17
The above is only in System.Windows.Shell namespace which is for WPF not WinForms I believe. – Graeme May 22 '12 at 11:58

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