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got this problem when i messed up with an rsync and forgot to add a trailing slash.

So now i've got an extra folder.

Current foldertree


I wanted to get this


Is there a way to get rid of the extra folder to get what i wanted, i tried to

mv /Volumes/hd/images1/images1/ /Volumes/hd/images1/

But got an error saying that they were identical, i also tried some basic php scripting to do the job for me, without any luck.

I cant delete or really copy the content of the folders since its a massive amount of data, i could do it manually by changing the name of the parent folder, then drag the subfolder to /hd and then delete the old parent. But its alot of work, so if anyone got a tip on how to do this, i'd be more than happy.

Im using Mac OS X if its of any interest

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You should learn how to use shell commands, perhaps something like

 for f in /volumes/hd/* ; do
    b=$(basename $f)
    d=$(dirname $f)
    mv $f $d/$b.dir
    mv $d/$b.dir/* $f

check first that it does what you want by replacing mv with echo mv

You really should learn how to use basic Unix commands (inside a terminal) on your MacOSX

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Thank you, i know, its on my todo list. ill try this! – Patrick Dec 28 '11 at 9:00
Saved my day. Thanks again – Patrick Dec 28 '11 at 9:15

I think your last idea is the one to go:

changing the name of the parent folder, then drag the subfolder to /hd and then delete the old parent

But don't do it manually. You can write a shell script to do the work. Pseudo code :

for parent in `ls /Volumes/hd/` do
  exec 'mv ' + parent + ' ' + parent + '.old'
  exec 'mv ' + parent + '.old/' + parent + ' ' + '/Volumes/hd/'
  exec 'rmdir ' + parent + '.old
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