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I've got lot of archives that contains podcasts. Actually they're in ZIP archives, one archive is about 200Mb and contains 9/10 MP3 files. I'm running a root access Linux server and the main problem is the disk-space.

I'd like to build a small web page (in PHP or Python) where:

  • The user can download the whole archives (that's ok, if i keep archive files).

  • The user can play file through an HTML5 player (but without keep extracted files).

So the answer: is possible to stream archived files?


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If the server has disk space limitations, you definitely cannot achieve what you're asking because even if the user doesn't download and extract it the server will.

I'd suggest you just convert the video to a smaller format flv (flash) or other.

Plus, although videos are not 'archives' they are compressed: and

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Hmm... I was think something different.. Like $handle = popen('/bin/unzip -p file002.mp3 2>&1', 'r'); then fread and pclose. That's impossible? (note: there are only audio MP3 files). – Fabio Mora Dec 28 '11 at 13:50

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