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I'm trying to recreate this UITableView cell design.

enter image description here

This is as far as I have got...

enter image description here

I'm looking for a way of stretching the background of my UILabel dynamically. It needs to stretch at a specific point in the middle of my background.png image.

Does something like this exist? Am I going about solving this problem the right way?

I'm very new to iPhone dev so please be gentle.

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Well there are many solutions, first you can set the image as a background color. This is what you have done already by the looks of it, but you need to make the image repeatable.

Meaning it can't really have a start or an end.

Another way is to add an UIImageView behind the UILabel and set the image to a stretchable with a left and top cap. This wil stretch the image but will leave the top/bottom and beginning/end the way they are.

You can read more about this in the Apple doc:

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