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i am finding it difficult figuring our how the jcombobox actionperformed event works. I have a form which contains a jcombobox and jtable. Change in jcombobox results in data being updated in the jtable. To implement this, I implemented the actionperformed event for the jcombobox. This code contains certain checks and validations and warnings for users before updating the values in the jtable. The problem I am facing is that when the form loads for the 1st time, the actionperformed event for the jcombobox is getting called. This is causing unnecessary validations and resulting in behaviour which is not required. Can somebody please throw some light on this behaviour of the jcombobox actionperformed event.

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The action is not triggered by just loading the form. Can you please provide a SSCCE which shows us your issue. – Howard Dec 28 '11 at 9:16
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You have look at ItemListener for handling events from JComboBox, even some description in JComboBox tutorial implements ActionListener

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Thanks mKorbel...that worked for me. :-) I was also making a mistake while loading the items and setting the default item in the now i first fill the model, then i set the default selection and then assign the model to the jcombobox. :-) – Will Dec 29 '11 at 9:32

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