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How can I make the following queries done in one single query and get the result just the way it is in below?

// Begining of January

$ob = mysql_query(" SELECT SUM(salary_amount) AS total FROM teacherexpense WHERE  month(disburse_date)='01' AND  year(disburse_date)='$year' ");
$nt = mysql_fetch_assoc($ob);
$salaryamount= $nt['total'];

$ob = mysql_query(" SELECT SUM(other_expense_amount) AS expenseamount FROM otherexpense WHERE month(other_expense_date)='01' AND year(other_expense_date)='$year'  ");
$nt = mysql_fetch_assoc($ob);
$expenseamount= $nt['expenseamount'];

$jk = mysql_query(" SELECT SUM(amountpaid) AS revenue FROM studentpayment1 WHERE month(received_date)='01' AND year(received_date)='$year' ");
$t = mysql_fetch_assoc($jk);
$revenue= $t['revenue'];

$ob = mysql_query(" SELECT SUM(other_earning_amount) AS otherearningamount FROM otherearning WHERE month(other_earning_date)='01' AND year(other_earning_date)='$year' ");
$nt = mysql_fetch_assoc($ob);
$otherearningamount= $nt['otherearningamount'];

$January= ($revenue+$otherearningamount)-($salaryamount+$expenseamount);
// End of January
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You could use UNION, each row will represent different query. –  Dejan Marjanovic Dec 28 '11 at 9:36

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SELECT 'withdrawals' t, SUM( amount ) sum
FROM withdrawals
SELECT 'statement' t, SUM( amount ) sum
FROM statement

enter image description here

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
    $total[$row['t']] = $row['sum'];

echo $total['withdrawals']; # 100
echo $total['statement']; # 624.x
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Have you tried mysqli drivers instead of mysql?

Take a look at: mysqli_multi_query

Executes one or multiple queries which are concatenated by a semicolon.

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You could use MySQL UNION - but you'll have to iterate over the resultset, because in that case you will get 4 records instead of one/statement group

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Stuff it in a Stored Procedure? The database drivers for PHP won't let you run several queries separated with ; for security reasons.

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