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I tried to read an old book explaining old codeigniter version :

since that is not the last version of codeigniter, then i tried to understand every word in codeigniter userguide reading to read every pages carefully. but i still dont understand

My problem is :

  1. i dont know where should i start to lean codeigniter
  2. i dont know what is the most used library/ helper ?
  3. i dont know some terminology there: what is routing?, what is profiler/profiling? , what is active record, what is prepping ?

i am so sorry if my question is hard to be understood, i cant speak english well i am indonesian.

i appreciate those who shared a pdf/article link for me, but i prefer pdf/article rather than video tutorial because i stay in indonesia. and indonesia doesnt have a good internet bandwith speed. thanks ... :D

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Instead of only reading. You should start with practice also.There are lot of tutorials explaining how to start with CI. Follow them make sample projects. Join CI Form for discussions on any issue.

Refer Below Link for start up:

Practice makes the man perfect. :)

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so do you mean i should start to type manually whithout copy-paste the web source code? :D thanks for ur advice :D – fawwaz Dec 28 '11 at 10:08
NO need to write at start. You will find sample code with tutorial. Once do that . After that you can do yourself – user319198 Dec 28 '11 at 10:09

This link has it all that you need: Codeigniter Tutorials

It has written tutorials as well. I suggest you read it, doesnt matter if its older version also, as it would help you in making some solid base.

Hope it helps

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I recommend use from Ben Edmunds to make your app more structured.

If you need authorization system - use Ion Auth -

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