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I want to build case insensitive route with Kohana 3.2

example (as from Kohanas site):

Route::set('sections', '<directory>(/<controller>(/<action>(/<id>)))',
    'directory' => '(admin|affiliate)'
    'controller' => 'home',
    'action'     => 'index',

will work with: example.com/admin/home/index but not with: example.com/Admin/home/index (capital 'A').

how can I solve this problem? And I don't want to write something like: 'directory' => '([Aa]dmin|[Aa]ffiliate)' it's "wrong".

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Here's a nicer example of the overload method:


/* APPPATH/classes/route.php */

class Route extends Kohana_Route {

    public static function compile ( $uri, array $regex = NULL ) {
        if ( ! is_string( $uri ) ) { return; }
        return parent::compile( $uri, $regex ) . 'i';


Source: https://gist.github.com/2045349

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You could overload Route::compile and return parent::compile($uri, $regex).'i'; or pass a strtolower(Request::detect_uri()) to Request::factory() in index.php if you want all routes to be case insensitive.

Or if you only want that route to be case insensitive you could make it a lambda/callback route in which you use strtolower().

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