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I have a simple site with a playlist-driven flash movie player.

the site is NOT a facebook app.

when a user clicks a video to watch from the playlist, that video's title, description, and thumbnail are registered in javascript variables.

the site also has a facebook button for sharing. If the user hits the fb share button while video_123 is playing then the video_123-info should show up when the share posts to the user's fb wall.

the only problem is that the seems to require a app_id, but my site is not a fb app.

any suggestions please?


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You should have application to use Dialogs.

Just create an application configure it pointing to your site (without configuring application canvas) and use Feed Dialog

Update: If you must not create application for any reasons the only option for you is to use Facebook Share button (which is deprecated) see "Creating Your Own Share URL" section...

Update 2:
Share button is deprecated and it's documentation is no longer available (link above redirects to documentation of Feed Dialog, old page on web-archive)

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juicy scripter, thanks for responding. The problem is that the site is for a client who does not have a facebook account, and does not want to set up one (they are a government institution). and I really don't like the idea of me creating an 'app' using my facebook account that refers to their website. I am using feed.dialog because it allows dynamic population of the share content fields ... is there any other way to do this possibly? – dsdsdsdsd Dec 28 '11 at 11:21

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