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I have a dyamically loaded form that has to be "prefilled" with some data. By prefilled I mean that a select option or a input type="radiobutton" have to be preselected.

Of course, I'm using jQuery...

I am confused because I expected .val() function to add attribute selected="selected" to an option element but it doesn't.

How does it work then? It changes something in the DOM, but I couldn't find that change in Firebug...

Normally, I wouldn't care about the details, but I was playing with Selenium tests and wanted to make a test that checks if a select option is preselected as expected and since it doesn't set selected="selected" I was wondering how to test it?

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use attr:

.attr("selected", "selected")



    $("select").change(function () {
          var str = "";
          $("select option:selected").each(function () {
                str += $(this).text() + " ";
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You can use the new jquery .prop (docs) functionality to set or test for properties on an element.

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How does it work then?

Here is the source code:

jQuery(elem).find("option").each(function() {
    this.selected = jQuery.inArray( jQuery(this).val(), values ) >= 0;


Above, this is the option dom node, so you were close. It sets the selected property, instead of the selected attribute.

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